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13th Jan 2021 2:33 pm
The current remote-learning situation means that the pre-exams for 3rd Year students will not commence on 1st February as initially planned. Once we know when students will be able to come back to school on-site we will start looking at the pre-exam situation. The focus for exam students during the remote learning period needs to be continuing with their regular learning routine and revision plan as much as they possibly can. Any revision or learning they do during this time will only serve them well when it comes to their exams in June as well as for pre-exams should they go ahead at some stage. As difficult as it may be, it is important to remain focused on the learning and the long-term goal of the Junior Cert exams and to not to become distracted by other issues. Once we know when 3rd Years will be allowed to return to school on-site we will look at the pre-exams situation and plan accordingly. As always please email office@presmilltown.ie if we can help your son/daughter in anyway. Thank you.
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