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13th Apr 2021 2:19 pm
SEC have just issued additional information for 6th Year students studying subjects outside of school. These are in addition to the document sent earlier today and in March. The deadline has been extended until Thursday 22nd April, but Form 00S1 (attached as Pdf below) must now be submitted by this date for all 6th Year students who have registered or will be registering for Accredited Grades in the subject(s) they are studying outside of school. Please not that students can not enter for a new subject at this stage they can only change levels and add or amend their decisions around sitting the exam and/or receiving Accredited Grades in subject they previously entered on the student portal. SEC INFORMATION NOTE 1. All students who are studying subjects out-of-school and students of non-curricular languages should be advised to familiarise themselves with the Guide to Accredited Grades for Leaving Certificate 2021 for (a) Out-of-School Subjects and (b) Out-of-School Learners available at gov.ie/leavingcertificate. (Attached as Pdf below) 2. Students who are studying subject/s entirely outside of school are required to complete and return an Initial Information Form (OOS 1) to their Principal as soon as possible but no later than Thursday 22 April 2021 (note: this date has been extended to allow more time for students to engage with the process). This form is available at gov.ie/leaving certificate. These students are those students attending your school but taking subjects outside of the school. The school will acknowledge receipt of Initial Information Forms in writing. These forms will be retained in the school. It is very important that these students read the Guide to Accredited Grades for Leaving Certificate 2021 for (a) Out-of-School Subjects and (b) Out-of-School Learners and prepare to engage with the processes set out in section three of the guide. 3. Students who have registered for a non-curricular language in Leaving Certificate 2021. These students are not required to compete the Initial Information Form (OOS 1). As a consequence of the particular context of non-curricular languages in the Leaving Certificate special arrangements are being put in place for all students in this category to access an Accredited Grade. All students who are registered for a non-curricular language in Leaving Certificate 2021 will be provided with an opportunity to complete a written Proficiency Assessment on the afternoon of the 8 May in their school. Students of non-curricular languages should note this date carefully. If they choose not to complete the Proficiency Assessment, the only route to a grade in their non-curricular language is by taking the relevant examination in June. https://d50adfe6df36c7bceba2-914c455a73d068384f0e16181ce1b7cf.ssl.cf3.rackcdn.com/pdf/6424_20210413151641.pdf https://d50adfe6df36c7bceba2-914c455a73d068384f0e16181ce1b7cf.ssl.cf3.rackcdn.com/pdf/7641_20210413151654.pdf
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