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14th Jan 2021 8:58 am
Handouts/books for 1st Year practical subjects will also be available for collection today during the same alphabetically scheduled time slots as in our previous message in relation to language books. - 11.20am – 11.50am - Surnames A - D - 11.50am – 12.20pm - Surnames E - H - 12.20pm- 12.50pm - Surnames I - N - 12.50pm – 1.20pm - Surnames M - N - 1.20pm - 1.50pm - Surnames O - O' - 1.50pm – 2.20pm - Surnames P – Z Given the current increased transmissibility of the virus please ensure the following, 1) Only one person should attend for collection. 2) Face masks must be worn at all times while on-site (inc outside) 3) Strict social distancing is to be practiced at all times. Please do NOT attend for collection of books/equipment if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, if you have tested positive for COVID-19, are a close contact or have been told to self-isolate/restrict your movements in the past 14 days. In such cases, please contact office@presmilltown.ie. Please do not attend the school unless requested to do so for the collection of books/equipment. Please email office@presmilltown.ie if you have any other queries or if we can help in any way. Thank you as always for your cooperation.
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