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30th May 2023 3:18 pm

The closing date for applications for the programme outlined below is Friday 9th June, but parents are encouraged to apply sooner.


The Dept of Education have released information in relation to this year’s Home-Based Summer Programme to Support the Education or Care Needs of Students with Complex Needs for 2023.

Click “View Pdf” below for further information.

The Home-Based Summer Provision Programme is for students who present with the most significant needs in mainstream classes in primary and post-primary schools who are accessing the highest level of the Continuum of Support (School Support Plus) 1. This will include a small number of students with enduring needs which significantly affect their capacity to learn, to function independently and to participate in education.

These students require highly individualised and differentiated learning programmes that are significantly different to their peers. These students may present with the following:

  • Significant needs with physical and/or sensory functioning (including students who are Deaf or have severe to profound hearing loss and students who are blind or have severe to profound visual impairment)
  • Significant needs in cognitive functioning and independence/daily living skills (including students who have moderate to severe OR significant/profound learning disability)
  •  Significant needs in social communication, social interaction combined with rigid repetitive patterns of behaviour
  • Students with Down syndrome
  • Students with severe OR significant emotional behavioural needs to the extent that these behaviours of concern are impacting on a student’s ability to learn, to function independently and to participate fully in school life.
  • Autistic Students are eligible for this Programme.

If you wish to apply for Home Based support for your son/daughter, please contact the school office on 066 97 95455 or office@presmilltown.ie for an initial eligibility form.

The school will then confirm the student’s eligibility for the programme after which parents will receive an email confirming the number of hours the student is eligible for.

Once the Dept of Education has confirmed the number of hours, parents can employ the services of a teacher/SNA to conduct these hours which will be paid for by DES.

The closing date for applications is Friday 9th June, but parents are encouraged to apply sooner.

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